Prominente Stimmen: Labour Education

Pak Kin Wan, Labour Education and Service Network in Hong Kong

For us in Hong Kong and China the SDGs are important guidelines and also arguments, why labour rights are so important. Especially in Mainland China, where Labour Rights are a sensitive topic at the moment, we can at least refer to the SDG no. 1, because labour rights are strongly connected to a fair wage for a decent life. Also the SDG no. 3 is of course crucial for my work, since working conditions can either support the health of people or also completely destroy it. We fight in many industries for healthy conditions, and you can join us in this approach, because many of those products are exported from China to Europe and Austria. And last but not least the SDG no.8 for Decent Work and Economic Growth is in the field of the scope of my labour rights NGO “Labour Education and Service Network” in Hong Kong. Because often economic growth is argued for and decent working conditions are forgotten. It is important to see those things together. For those and other SDGs we work for daily with our European Partners such as Südwind, because as the Sustainable Development Goals also the supply chains of our products is a global one and that is why we shall tackle them together globally.

Foto: Matthais Haberl